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Narrow-band imaging is usually carried out using three filters: Hα, OIII and SII, but these are not the only options. Now, for the first time, a filter is available in the retail market that will allow you to see what is happening in the Neon III wavelength (3869Å). This represents an exciting new opportunity for the serious narrowband imager. Neon is quite a "popular" element, particularly in planetary nebulae, where the signal is often stronger than SII by up to as much as 16 times*.

These filters, which are being produced by reputed American manufacturer Custom Scientific, are made to the exacting standards essential to ensure the exclusion of signal from the neighbouring oxygen (3727Å) and hydgrogen (3950+Å) emission lines.

Initially, these filters will only be available in the 1.25" mounted format. Adapters giving a M48x0.75 male thread to M28.5x0.75 female thread are readily and cheaply available, and will enable these filters to be used in a 2" filter wheel.


UPDATE: Due to production delays, first deliveries are now not expected until June, 2018.    
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